About Us


Churchland Elementary School had its beginning in the fall of 1954 when the old Churchland High School was completed.  Prior to that time the building, which is now Churchland Academy,  housed both high and elementary school students from the Western Branch area of Norfolk County.

The first year of operation in the Churchland Academy building had grades one through six and pupils were drawn from the Western Branch area and some from the Hodges Manor-Simonsdale sections.

The current Churchland Elementary School was completed in 1958.  Dedication ceremonies were held in October with the principle speaker being the Honorable Porter Hardy, Jr., member of Congress.  Boundary lines fluctuated as the school population expanded and as new schools were built in the area.  The City of Chesapeake was formed in 1963, and the school became part of that system.

With the annexation of the area by Portsmouth in 1968, thirteen additional classrooms were added, bringing the total to 38.  To provide needed services for the students, four mobile classrooms were placed on the site in early 1972.  The mobile classrooms are no longer part of the school.

With the decision by the Portsmouth School Board to return the sixth grade to the elementary level in the fall of 2005, four additional classrooms were built during the 2004-2005 school year.  The most recent addition to our school was our new gymnasium.

Churchland Elementary has prospered since 1958 under the leadership of the following principals:

 Garfield Shafer  1958-1974
 Patricia Holmes  1974-1977
 Cecelia Curcio  1977-1987
 Betty J. Bartlett  1987-1993
 Dr. Shelia G. Hill  1993-1995
 Dr. Betty J. Bartlett  1995-1998
 Margarette Bartlett  1998-2006
 Michèle Ramey  2006-2016
 Dr. Jamill Jones  2016-present